Why I Shop at the Farmers’ Market (spoiler – it’s all about the strawberries)


I try to eat with the seasons—lots of fresh salads in the summer, lots of roasted root vegetables in the winter. But almost every year, usually right around February, I break down and buy strawberries from a grocery store. Sometimes they’re OK; more often than not they’re disappointing. The fact is, they can’t possibly hold a candle to the berries grown at the farms around here during the all too short summer strawberry season.

Fresh, local, seasonal food just tastes better. There are lots of other reasons to support local farmers and products by shopping at Farmers’ Markets, but for me, fresh, local strawberries—so pretty in their little green cartons—present a pretty darn compelling reason.

I was able to skip the winter strawberries this year. Every time I passed a display, I reminded myself that our strawberry season was coming and that it would be worth the wait. And now that it’s right around the corner, I’ll soon be at the Farmers’ Market buying one of those little green cartons of berries that taste just like summer, and I’ll have the pleasure of thanking the farmer who grew them. When I eat them—probably straight out of the carton before I even get home—all will be right with the world. At least until they’re gone…

If there’s a particular fruit or vegetable that you look forward to all year, please share it in the comments!

– Mary Leal, incoming Board member

2 thoughts on “Why I Shop at the Farmers’ Market (spoiler – it’s all about the strawberries)

  1. I look forward to tomatillos, cilantro, Sun Gold tomatoes, sprouts, arugula, garlic scapes, French breakfast radishes, Asian eggplants (the small, skinny kind), squash blossoms. hot peppers (not just jalapenos). Locally made cheese and sausage would also be great.

    1. That list just makes me happy! I’m hoping to see at least a good chunk of those veggies this summer – Sun Gold tomatoes are like candy! – and we’re actively recruiting local cheese and meat vendors. If you happen to have a favorite, let us know and we’ll reach out.
      – Mary

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