Looking for a new SHFM Board

Dear South Hadley Farmers’ Market friends,

We want to wish you a happy and healthy New Year, and also update you on Market news.

Due to a range of work and personal commitments in the upcoming year, our current Healthy Community South Hadley (HCSH) Board members feel they do not have adequate time to devote to ensuring a successful farmers’ market this coming year. However, we would like to reach out to you — our customers and friends — to see if there are others who would be willing to step up and work to coordinate a 2017 South Hadley Farmers’ Market.

From experience and based on the mission of HCSH, we would be looking for a new group of Board members — including but not necessarily entirely limited to South Hadley residents — with a clear plan for a successful Market in an accessible public space in South Hadley. The current Board is prepared to orient and transition new members and then step aside; new Board members would need to be willing to take on the officer positions in this established non-profit organization, including President, Secretary and Treasurer. At least one Board member will also need to coordinate social media. In addition, to prepare for the Summer 2017 Market, the Board will need to hire a new Market Manager no later than March 2017. It takes significant time to prepare for the Market; vendor outreach should ideally begin before March.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Board and leadership and management group for the Market, or in knowing more about Board responsibilities and the Market, please reply to the HCSH Board at shfarmersmarket@gmail.com prior to January 31, 2017. We are hopeful that there is a new group of folks committed to continuing this important community service for South Hadley. If we do not receive responses by January 31 from people committed to continuing a Market in an appropriate public space in South Hadley, the HCSH Board will be taking the necessary steps to close down the organization.

Thanks very much and, again, a happy and healthy New Year to all!

Best wishes from the HCSH Board:
Sarah Etelman
Pat Greenfield
Joan Grenier
Jan Lieson
Cindy Pyle

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